What Are the Latest Google Analytics 4 Features in 2021

Google Analytics has been upgraded to Google Analytics 4 also known as GA4. In this blog, we will discuss 7 promising google analytics 4 features in 2021

Google Analytics has been upgraded to Google Analytics 4 also known as GA4. In this blog, we will discuss 7 promising google analytics 4 features in 2021 and understand what is g4 Google Analytics in detail while exploring all the amazing free features.

Predictive Analytics

GA4 is full of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This does not mean that there is no AA or AI in other analytics platforms or previous versions of GA, but is used more extensively in GA4 and is much more convenient to use.

What's more interesting is Predictive analytics feature comes for free in GA4. Plus, as you type, you can use the predicted target group as the comparison segment in GA4.

You can also access predictive statistics for research.

Create Custom Reports

Previously, analytics gave you access to custom dashboards, but with the upgrade, GA4 gives you access to Navigation, where you can create your own reports. These reports look like Excel workbooks.

There are tabs at the top, and each tab has its own data.

You can use browse to create tables or visualizations of cohorts, paths, funnels, or segments to better understand them.

When you create a new Scout report, you can share it with specific people, print it as a PDF file, or download it as an Excel workbook.

Create and Track Events

Developers don't need to get involved every time they upgrade to GA4. In fact, most basic events are already logged in GA4 between auto-track events and extended counter events.

If you can't find the event you want to join in the list, fear not. You can create new events on the platform. These events are usually generated by modifying already recognized events or setting conditions using recognized parameters.

Perhaps the best news is that you can create up to 300 of these opportunities per asset.

Create and Track Conversions

Conversion tracking in Google Analytics 4 is much easier than event tracking. When an event is registered in GA4, you can activate it and mark it as a conversion. With Universal Analytics, you only have access to 20 persistent (targeted) conversions. GA4 can detect up to 30 transitions and remove transitions that are no longer needed.

Customized Automated Tables

Analytics generally include large tables of data. These tables are often useful, but not easy to use when you want to see different sizes or sizes. Of course, you can also add a square size. But that's all.

Google Analytics 4 allows anyone with administrator rights to customize all of the data displayed in reports. You can define the dimensions and criteria to be used during this session, and you can save the view so that it stays in the desired state.

Anomaly Detection Feature

Anomaly detection is another area where Google demonstrates the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. An anomaly is discovered when Google suspects that something is going to happen to your site, but it doesn't.

For example, if a certain amount of traffic was expected on your website for a given day and it did not...then it is an anomaly and Google detects it. Google talks to you for free. You will know immediately if you need to research something.


GA4 makes it easy to create listening segments without storing them. This is done using the comparison tool available on all pages of the report. If you want to create a persistent audience, you can create one from the settings screen or create a segment from the overview. Select Create Audience before saving the segment.