Which Are the Best Upcoming IPO Stock to Invest in 2021

With many companies launching IPO offers in 2021 let’s look at some of the most profitable upcoming IPOs in 2021. Most recommended stock to invest in 2021

Here are the profitable upcoming IPOs in 2021 which are highly recommended stocks to invest in 2021. These are some of the known brands planning for expansion and have raised IPO requests in SEBI. These are some of the top upcoming IPOs of 2021


The online food delivery giant has issued IPO for funds for expansion of the food delivery chain. Zomato IPO is one of the hottest upcoming IPO to look out for in the month of July.

The reason Zomato IPO is the lucrative stock to invest in is Zomato brings customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners together in a single platform and caters to 23 countries.

Zomato has plans for expansion and has filed for a Rs 8,250 crore IPO with the market. It is one of the top upcoming IPO to invest in 2021

LIC India Ltd

The father of Life Insurance in India, LIC is a state-owned life insurance provider and one of the leading market players in the insurance sector and Indian finance.

With a divestment plan of approx 30,000 crs, LIC is expected to launch its IPO.

Considering the market cap of LIC, this is the golden opportunity for the investors to grab LIC's IPO allotment.


Another top upcoming IPO to invest in 2021 is PayTM. PayTM is a leading online payment platform of the Indian e-commerce market. The company is valued at USD 16 billion.

PayTM is one of the lucrative new IPOs in the upcoming IPO list 2021 as the company is considering a public route listing with an IPO size of Rs 218 billion.

PayTM  wants to expand its equities which makes it one of the best stocks to invest in among the upcoming IPO list 2021


No one would have thought that a beauty retailer will make it to the list of upcoming IPO 2021.

Nykaa E-retail Pvt. Ltd is planning IPO in FY22, and considers a post-IPO valuation of USD 4.5 billion. Nykaa has over 15 million users and processes 1.5 million-plus orders a month.

Nykaa is eyeing an IPO size between Rs 500-700 million, according to sources. This makes it one of the top upcoming IPO of 2021.


CarTrade is an online auto marketplace for buying and selling new and used cars. CarTrade IPO is one of the most lucrative IPO of 2021.

CarTrade has filed a Rs 2000 crores IPO with SEBI and it plans sale to early investor CMDB II, which holds an 11.93 percent stake in the company.


PharmEasy is an online marketplace for buyers and local pharmacies that allows customers to purchase medicines from nearby drug stores.

Pharmaeasy is considering raising an IPO size of Rs 3,000-3,700 crore to take its valuation to USD 3 billion post-IPO.

This is a huge opportunity for the investors who are looking to invest in stocks as PharmEasy is also exploring possibilities of indirect listing in the US market to gain a higher valuation.

This makes PharmEasy one of the top upcoming IPO in 2021.