Which Are the 5 Fintech Tools for Amazing User Experience

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology that helps in understanding user behavior. Here are 5 Fintech tools that provide an amazing user experience.

AI automation has gained momentum lately, but finding businesses that offer smart automation solutions has become difficult. This is because many of them claim to have the same products or features for their business. However, not all RPA or AI automatic chatbots are always the same. This is a handy list of five AI automation tools that help FinTech create a great customer experience -  

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is one of the best tools to improve Fintech's customer experience. Watson is an artificial intelligence tool created by IBM with analytical capabilities that offers a wide range of automation products and services for use in Fintech environments. It automates the self-diagnosis process and takes action to resolve the underlying problem.

Salesforce Einstein

If you want to automate the FinTech process and provide better service to FinTech users, you need Einstein.
Salesforce's Einstein is a great AI platform designed to streamline manual processes in finance using automated intelligence and workflow. You can automate time-consuming tasks for more users and increase your work rate. That's why Salesforce is one of the best tools to improve Fintech's customer experience.

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana is also one of the best tools for providing a great customer experience with Fintech. Cortana is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that communicates via voice commands to help financial institutions develop customized analytical solutions. Cortana enables search, meeting time settings, voice notifications to employees, and unprecedented workflow automation. These features make Cortana one of the best tools to improve Fintech's customer experience.

Samsung Nexfinance

NexFinance is the technology giant Samsung's digital finance platform. NexFinance uses the latest AI automation technology to optimize the benefits of digital finance. With Nexfinance, you can easily automate financial services such as insurance payments, finance and identity management, and smart virtual assistance for your business. These features make NexFinance one of the best tools to improve customer experience in Fintech.

Intel Neural Compute Stick

Neural Compute Stick is a powerful yet effective performance automated tool for AI in the Fintech industry. From deploying AI in Fintech applications offline to automating and optimizing business workflows, Intel’s Neural Compute Stick will be useful in all. It's an all-rounder fintech platform to enhance customer experience while using fintech services