What Are the Most Used Mobile App Development Trend in 2020

What is Beacon technology & how does it work? Read to know & also learn about 6 major mobile app development trends in 2020 for ultimate mobile app experience.

Mobile app is the best choice brands opt to stay connected with their customers as it ensures that the customer is up to date with upcoming deals, special loyalty discounts etc. Most of the mobile apps are based on common functionalities which makes the app somewhat obsolete as technology is ever changing. Here are the 6 ultimate mobile app development trend in 2020 to look out for & have them implemented in your mobile app:


Beacon technology

In technical terms, Beacons are wireless transmitters that make use of Bluetooth technology to send signals. Let's understand this technology in details with this simple example -Think of yourself as a mobile app reseller who builds beacon integrated mobile apps for retailers. Once you have delivered the app to the client, they will install beacons in their stores that connect with a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth if the app is on their device. Now, whenever a user passes by a beacon, they are instantly notified about a sale or new product launch or special offerings in the store they have passed by or, are already inside. This technology is useful in tracking buyer behavior in stores which can boost the business of the store. Launched in the year 2013, today it is estimated that the beacon technology will hit a market value of $56.6 billion by 2026. Beacon technology is used in industries from retail to healthcare and hospitality & add advanced functionality to nearly any mobile app.

Predictive Analytics

Customer data is the backbone of any business, brands know this & they are heavily investing in Machine Learning, AI, Data Mining & other technologies to analyze customer behavior & their needs. Companies are able to make predictions of the future events by analyzing current data with the help of data mining, ML & AI, statistics, and modeling - this is known as Predictive Analysis. Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook & Netflix has already enhanced the customer journey across the UI/UX by integrating AI to use predictive analytics & have been successfully able to gauge customer preferences & present most relevant content to the customer. In 2020, predictive analytics will be implemented on a more mainstream level, for a wide range of mobile apps. The primary purpose will be to enhance the UI/UX with an app.


Enterprise mobile app development consists of 2 major elements - Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). APM is the mobile metrics which helps to get rid of the snag that tends to slow down the app performance and due to its significance, APM has become a preferred tool of quality assurance testers for the app testing process.  Whereas, Enterprise mobility management or EMM is a platform that allows organizations to securely enable mobile devices that are being used by the employees, which further streamlines the business process by helping in mobile computing. 

5G Services

5G has always been talk of the tech town since its ideation. The speed & reliability 5G promises to offer makes it one of the top trending technology in mobile app development in 2020 and beyond. The penetration of 5G will ultimately boost the functionality of mobile apps. This will allow developers to add new features to apps without negatively affecting the app’s performance. Developers and mobile app resellers should also use 5G network speed during the testing and development stages of building an app.


Chatbots have been around for more than a decade & have been popular on websites since most of the websites implement Chatbot technology to instantly interact with the visitors. But when it comes to mobile apps, just a small fraction of apps actually use chatbots & this is going to change in 2020. The current global chatbot market is growing at 24% each year as per reports.It’s also expected that 25% of all customer service tech interactions will be facilitated by virtual assistants in 2020 which makes chatbots an important addition to the mobile app development market. 

Mobile App Security

From singular content creators to multi-billion dollar enterprises everyone is vulnerable to cyber attack. As technology has grown since past decade there has also been growth in different cyber threats which have affected many firms at some point or other, in different ways. More than 60% of fraud originates from mobile devices. Of that figure, 80% comes from mobile apps. When we talk about mobile app development security needs to be a top priority for the app, for the client & for your brand's reputation. Make sure there's no loop hole in the apps security & that it is protected with two factor authentication.