Digital Marketing is a creative industry that helps businesses to get in touch with the prospects through online mediums. With this advancement and more use of social media, anyone from anywhere can get in touch with the company and share their experiences, proposals, message, services, complains, etc. just with a click.
Today, the businesses understand the complexity of online platforms and take well advantage of the same to share products & services summed with innovative marketing strategies.

Let us go through 5 of the major brand's digital marketing campaigns to understand how they made it memorable.

1. Make My Trip - #DilHaiHindustani Campaign
Make My Trip is one of the top-notch travel agency which is also quite popular on social media platforms. This company must be followed by all learners as they keep on introducing creative campaigns and offers especially during festive days.  The online travel company used Independence Day as the major event to target the youth by rewinding the revolutionary efforts for independence.  They came up with the  #DilHaiHindustani which took the odyssey of independence from 1857 to 1947. Mangal Pandey agitation, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, non-cooperation movement, Chandra Sekhar’s Kakori train robbery, and were some people who were featured in it.

2. Nivea India - Mom’s Touch
This campaign was dedicated to all the extraordinary and selfless mothers designed especially on Mother’s Day. Nivea’s Mom’s Touch campaign talked about some extraordinary, selfless stories of the mother from all over the country.    The brand asked the audience to share the selfless moment of their mothers by sharing this video over social media platforms. Their marketing strategy also had a beautiful objective to gain viewership. The brand made a promise that by sharing this video on social media the donation from the brand was done for the girls.

3. Amazon India - #10KeBaadKarenge
Amazon India’s The Great Indian Freedom sale organized the contest which involved the fun activities and the contestant got the shopping vouchers from the company. The campaign was named as #10KeBaadKarenge, in this, the people push their shopping plans after the 10th of August because of Amazon sales.

4. KFC India - Radio KFC RJ Hunt
KFC had launched very famous campaigns like Radio KFC RK Hunt, Design Your Own Bucket campaign and Currycature to target the youth audience by involving mobile apps. These campaigns helped them to develop their brand awareness as well as increased engagement.  How?  When they started Radio KFC RJ Hunt Campaign, 3000 people around 30 Indian cities participated in the competition.It was a social media campaign to promote KFC’s brand in-house radio channel where fans recorded their voices over the internet with the Facebook App and shard their analog radio experience. Especially newcomers wanted to try their hands over this hunt and decided to took part to collaborate with the famous brand. 

5. Tata Sky - Transferkar Family
The motto of the campaign was to promote Tata Sky’s product/services called Tata Sky+ Transfer. This new product is used to transfer the recorded content from TV to mobile or tablets.Basically, in each family, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to channels. In the families but due to some reason, not everyone watches their favorite shows at the same time. This is very common in Indian families where most of the time TV remote is controlled by the head of the family and others just follow his/her favorites.  For this purpose, the brand came up with an idea and created the out of mind family named as Transferkars. This product helped family members to transfer their favorite shows on mobiles or tablets and enjoy every bit of it.  The campaign was a huge success and got viral through social media and TV commercials. Various kind of family-related content was shared during the campaign with discounted offers to the clients. Basically, there understanding of the potential market made the campaign a huge hit.