How To Increase Your Post Reach using Facebook Algorithm

In this article, we will discuss Facebook Algorithm and understand how to increase your post reach using few parameters. Increase your Facebook followers today

In this article, we will discuss Facebook Algorithm and understand how to increase your post reach using few parameters. Increase your Facebook followers today by understanding the parameters explained by us in this blog. Here are few tips to make your Facebook page more engaging and visible by cracking Facebook Algorithm itself 

Post when your audience is online

The first thing to keep in mind is to know when to post. The best time to post on Facebook is when your audience is online. Facebook has stressed a lot on this point. Facebook pushes recent posts, as a result, your recent post will appear on top of the news feed.

This is your opportunity to make your post reach as high as possible in terms of views. You can use Facebook Insights to see when most of your audience is online.

Interacting with your audience

Another important aspect to make your post engage better interacts with your audience. Try to connect with each person in your audience. This is important because the algorithm prioritizes posts from Pages that a user has interacted with in the past.

So if you have interacted in any way by replying whether, in Messenger or the comments, your post will be prioritized. 
Never ignore comments on your brand...positive or negative. Be there for your audience.

Make long videos

Facebook prioritizes videos on 3 basis:
Loyalty and intent: videos that people search for and return to
Video length and view duration: videos that people watch past the 1-minute mark, and that are longer than 3 minutes
Originality: videos that aren’t repurposed from other sources and that have plenty of added value.

As per Facebook, watch time and completion rate are both crucial ranking signals for video because the longer you keep people interested, the higher your video post will be scored by the algorithm, and the higher up in the Facebook newsfeed it will appear.

Go Live on Facebook

Another tip to rank your post on top in Facebook is to Go Live. There's a stat that confirms that live video receives 6x more engagement than regular video and is favored well by the Facebook Algorithm.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories also are great ways to boost your post on top of the page. While they aren't under Facebook Algorithm's monitor but they are capable to drive traffic to your Facebook Page or Profile.

This can be believed by looking at the fact that states - 58% of people say they’ve visited a brand’s website for more information after watching a Story. Keep your stories easy to understand, make them more about giving tips or DIY's or How To's.

Prefer love more than likes

Facebook Algorithm prioritizes Love over Likes. With past updates, Facebook has come up with various emotional reactions as emojis. Encourage your audience to support your post with: love, caring, laughter, sadness, anger.

Facebook Group

The best way to connect on Facebook is probably Facebook Groups. The main advantage of running a business Facebook Group is that it opens another channel for you to connect with your customers, fans, and community. Your content can reach your audience in a better way as you can simply push it in the group and you are done.