How to Increase Likes on Facebook Facebook Like Increase Tip

Want to boost your Facebook page likes? In this blog, we will disclose tips on how to increase likes on Facebook. Follow these best Facebook like increase tip

With 2.2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the hotspot for business owners, as a lot of their target market operates on this platform. Setting up a Facebook business page and posting content alone will not fetch you desired results of generating leads or increasing Facebook page likes. There's a need to follow some tips to achieve your Facebook goals. How? We will discuss in this blog - 

Content is still the King

If you want to know how to increase likes on Facebook, the easiest answer is to create content that is unique, exciting, and fresh. Not only should your content be engaging but make sure that it's shareable too.

Involve the people who already like your page and ask for their help to expose your posts to their own friends. Create engaging Quizzes and news articles as they have high share rates.

Sometimes a simple question about the day would help to achieve the interaction you are looking for.

Best time to post on Facebook

This is crucial because after spending time, money, and creativity on a Facebook post, if you do not get the traffic you desired, then all the efforts will go in vain. It is better to understand the best time to post on Facebook for maximum reach and interaction.

As per research Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have high engagement rates at 9 AM and between 1 PM to 3 PM.

Use a good social media automation tool to schedule your Facebook posts at times where it would get the most engagement and remember to keep your posting schedule consistent. This is another tactic to increase likes on Facebook

Keeping it short

Here's another trick to increase likes on Facebook. The secret to massive engagement garnering posts is their conciseness. Facebook recommends keeping your posts short, avoiding massive blocks of text on social media.

Reading long posts is not desired by any user. Hence, there is no point in creating posts that are long-form. You also need to concentrate on Facebook mobile users and create content that looks graphically engaging on mobile phones.

Invite Comments

The next tip to increase likes on Facebook is to get Facebook users to comment on your posts. Grow your community by asking questions or asking users to post tips and suggestions on your content. Invite your friends and ask them to tell their friends to comment on your post.

Try to write some creative comments, so that users will engage more proactively.
You need to understand it is equally important for you to comment on other pages. You need to find posts from pages within your industry.

Comment on their content to spark a conversation and facilitate a discussion. While doing this make sure you’re not spamming other posts.
Comment genuinely without the intention to just create a backlink.

Use appealing images and videos

Another amazing way to increase likes on Facebook is to use authentic images and videos. The reason why these types of posts generate more engagement is, images and videos are more appealing to audiences rather than simple text posts.

That's why adding photos and videos to your page will get more likes, comments, and shares. As a result, more people will see your post, your page will be exposed to a wider audience and you will have a better chance of new users liking your business page.

Create an effective portfolio with a right profile picture

Did you ever think about how your profile picture and cover photo can impact your Facebook page likes? Well, in this point we will explain how to increase likes on Facebook using the right profile picture and the right cover photo.

You need to understand that your Facebook page represents your brand's social media presence, and that's why your profile picture and cover photo carry a lot of weightage.

Choose images for this section that are catchy and speak about your brand instantly. You can also change it as per the campaign or promotion you are currently running.

Offer discounts and promotions

This is another tested way to increase likes on Facebook. The reason why people follow brands on Facebook is, they get a lot of promotional offers and discounts on their Facebook page. When you roll out regular offers and discounts, not only does your audience enjoy benefits but they share them with their friends and relatives which again increases the chances of boosting likes on your Facebook page.