Why Progressive Web App Is Crucial for Your App 8 Reasons

Here are 8 reasons why a progressive web app is crucial for your website. Learn how to develop a progressive web app to maximize user engagement on your website

What is Progressive Web App?

If you are browsing a website & it prompts you to add it to your home screen & when you do it..the website application starts installing in the background. Now when you have got the app on your device & you run it...the app gives you the same experience you got while browsing the actual website. Not only this but you can browse the content of the app even when you are offline.

So, what you did is - downloaded an app without having to go to the app store, operating it without internet connectivity, & getting access to the content of the website in a safe secure way.

This is the basic understanding of PWAs

PWAs behave and works just like a native app undoubtedly, these apps offer a seamless experience with integrated functionality. They incorporate top-notch capabilities that make these apps relatively customer-centric. PWAs work on the core principles of reliability, high-performance and improved user engagement.

Let us now look into the 8 Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps are crucial for websites.


Access App Offline

Users often find an app unreliable if it has connectivity issues or if they encounter an app that constantly needs internet connectivity. It really hampers their user experience. This is a service gap & to fill it brands must have Progressive Web App, that provides offline access & functions flawlessly even if you lose internet connectivity.

Safe & Fast

PWA's operate on HTTPs, which means, complete security, reliability & privacy to the users & to the data available on the website. When the site is secured, it prevents sensitive information from leaking out & bans any unauthorized access or other risk s or vulnerabilities arising out of malware attack.


PWA's are super responsive & are compatible with any device & different operating systems. The users get a smooth experience while using these apps which results in higher app engagement.


When it comes to feasibility, PWA's are more economically feasible than native mobile apps. PWA's are developed using the latest development tools & infused with advanced technology which results in optimized app performance for its cost. Plus, you are secured against vulnerabilities or data leak in a much more effective way.


PWA's are located on the home screen of the user's device & don't require an app store for opening the app. These apps are built using web app manifest giving the user complete flexibility to choose the appearance. Plus, the push - notification feature offers a nice user experience


The best part about PWA's is users receive an immediate response to whatever action they perform. User's don't like it if there's a glitch in the app or other faults resulting in slower functioning of the app. The user expects the app to withstand heavy usage with an indefinite amount of navigation or excessive scrolling, which is only possible on PWAs.


Progressive web applications are reliable as they load on the user device regardless of network connectivity. This means that users can access these apps for viewing the stored data in offline mode, i.e. in case of low or no internet connectivity. Pre-caching the key components eliminates network dependency and ensures reliable customer experience.

Better SEO

PWAs can be easily indexed by search engines and are SEO centric. It provides some great benefits in terms of customer acquisition and visibility. It’s not easier, but quite simpler to optimize progressive web apps following custom SEO practices.