Which Are the Effective Technology Invention in Healthcare

Here the 6 most important technology innovations in the health care sector which have transformed the healthcare industry drastically. Read to know more!

Technology has enhanced the lives of everyone - no matter in which form you are utilizing its benefits, but the truth is, life has become easy since the development of advanced technology.

Technology, when combined with healthcare, can prove a boon for humanity - the life expectancy would be high, a cure for almost every illness, detection of the disease accurately & proper medication are some of the benefits of technologically enabled health care sector. For more benefits, keep reading:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has changed the health care industry completely. The importance of AI can be felt in the health care sector as researchers now are able to create drugs faster than a few years ago. Data management & designing treatment plans have become easier since the introduction of AI.

There are startups that have invented treatments for Ebola by redesigning existing medicines - this was only possible due to AI as it helped them to extract possible therapy from the molecular database structure.
Not only this, but we can now detect breast cancer too with the help of AI with higher accuracy.

Virtual Reality

VR is equally helping the health care industry, by not helping the medical practitioners but also the patients. Just imagine if you are being operated upon & you are equipped with a VR gear to visualize soothing landscapes or perhaps images of your happy times...wouldn't it help in easing the operation anxiety & pain?
Similarly, VR is used for training surgeons to practice operations. These kinds of training help to make the practitioner more efficient & more accurate in their overall surgery performance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not behind VR in the healthcare automation race, in any way. Medical institutes are largely promoting AR as a medium to impart lectures & educational sessions. The whole idea behind this is to provide quality education to fresh medical students. AR apps are helpful to understand the anatomy of the human body & is trending among the technologically advanced medical institutes.

Health Trackers & Wearables

Technology is not only touching the lives of the people who need medical attention, but the people who want to stay fit & want to stay in charge of their health are enjoying the benefits of the technological advancements of medical products like Fitness trackers, headbands, & other tech products to make life stress free & to stay fit.


Robotics again is one of the most exciting & booming fields in healthcare. Creators invented pharmabotics, disinfectant robots, exoskeletons to help in surgical aid & helping tetraplegic patients by enabling them to function using the exoskeleton. Not only this but there's an Australian startup that uses robots in a unique way to interact with children suffering from chronic illness. These robots monitor their medications, temperature, & breathing rate while entertaining them with stories & music.


The nanomedicine age is on the rise. There have been reports of pharma companies developing nanomedicines & nanodevices that travel in the body & start the treatment instantly. Already, there have been many developments in the nanoparticle area in the health care sector. There are companies that have designed scallops like microbots that swim through your bodily fluids. Then, there are smart pills used for colon exams & this technology has the potential to even take biopsy samples for future autopsy, but that's the thing of the future.