Which Are the Best Java Debugging Tools to Use in 2021

Java Debugging can be a tedious process. in this article we are discussing the 7 powerful Java debugging tools that will ease up your debugging process

Java Debugging can be a tedious process. in this article, we discuss the 7 powerful Java debugging tools that will ease up your debugging process and help you with a lot of other operations that otherwise lengthen your coding process.


NetBeans is one of the most widely used Java debugging tools. The reason why this software is so extensively used is it can be operated on any OS such as Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Solaris. Netbeans comes with a visual debugger and code profiler which helps developers to debug executable Java classes, unit tests, and entire projects.

Programmers can also place breakpoints in their Java code, run into methods, add field watches, monitor execution, and take snapshots during a debug session, using NetBeans debugging tool for Java debugging


Rookout is also one of the highly effective Java debugging tools which support development as well as production. Rookout is a robust Java debugging tool that collects and lines up crucial data and is able to test the code across various environments, including both serverless and containers.

Rookout also enables developers to eliminate long, complicated, and resource-intensive processes of exploring data.

Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor is also one of the leading Java debugging tool to use in 2021. The one feature that makes Fusion Reactor stand out from others in this list is its AMP support. Fusion Reactor is equipped with an impressive set of features that provide everything Java developers want in an APM tool.

With Fusion Reactor, you can develop, test, and analyze applications in a non-production environment and isolate issues and improve code quality before deploying applications to production.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is another highly popular Java debugging tool that allows developers to easily debug simple code as well as multi-threaded Java applications.
It does all the basic work which debuggers are meant for such as, set breakpoints, step through your code, evaluate expressions, inspect variables, and a range of other debugging processes.

Apart from the basic operations, IntelliJ IDEA also allows easier detection of unexpected flows and states, deadlocks, livelocks, and more.


Another Java debugging tool to use in 2021 for developers is Eclipse. Eclipse is an open-source IDE with a built-in Java Debugger. Like Rookout, Eclipse is also a cross-platform IDE for developing modern applications.

Eclipse comes with a lot of features such as setting breakpoints, perform step execution, inspect variables and values, suspend and resume threads, that help developers declutter programming. Eclipse supports PHP, C, C++, and other languages.

Online GDB

Unlike other Java debugging tools mentioned in this list, Online GDB is an online Javascript debugging tool. Online GDB is a compiler and debugger tool for C, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, VB, Perl, Swift, Prolog, Javascript, Pascal, HTML, CSS, JS.

With Online GDB you can code, compile, run and debug online from anywhere in the world.


Like Online GDB, JDoodle is also an online tool to compile and execute Programs and debug Java. It supports Java, C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, HTML, and many more. With JDoodle debugging becomes a lot easier as it eliminates the need to open an IDE and create a new project to execute for small programs.