What Is the Difference in Web Development Vs App Development

In this app development vs web development blog, we will learn about 5 major differences between web development and app development and see their demand

App development and web development belong to the same stream of Information Technology field. Normally a web developer can develop android apps and an android app developer can develop a website. However to divert the workload both the professionals have been given separate titles, alias - a Web Developer and an App Developer.

An app developer makes software specific to Android Phones, while Web Developers make applications that require web browsers to run. Android development is based upon the Android Software Development Kit, i.e. the Android SDK and some of the other android development tools such as linux, android sdk mac, android sdk windows, android studio python, etc. Additionally, android application development also requires knowledge of Java and XML to build an app.

On the other hand, Web developers require knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS with knowledge of other programming languages and frameworks to create a website.

Both are challenging fields in their own way but in this app development vs web development blog, we will learn which is better Android development or web development? What is the difference between Web developer and an Android developer? How is mobile development different from Web development? and Is Web development easier than software development. We will also explore web development vs android app development scope in this blog to know which area has greater benefits to offer in the coming time

So let's explore 5 major differences between web development and app development

web development vs android app development scope

Android development is limited to building android, iOs apps and making them functional for smart devices.
Whereas, web developers develop websites and web apps that we see and surf on the internet.

Platform for development

Android developers build applications using android studio plus additional development languages and tools for programming apps
Web developers require web browsers to run their developed content once they have created a website using programming tools

Programming language knowledge for development

Android developers need specialization in Java, Kotlin, C/C++, and XML. App development also requires knowledge of Python to build intensive applications.
For creating basic websites, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used. But, things get complex when there is a need to create Frontend, Backend, and Database. However, there is no end to languages for developing websites

Database knowledge

Android developers require knowledge about Databases to store data required in their applications.
Web developers also require database knowledge to store the contents of their websites and some vital data on user visits.

Application Bundle

The final output of android applications is APK. Users using Android devices, simply need to download and install APK files on their devices.
On the other hand, Web Applications come in many forms. Some are static, containing few sets of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files while some dynamic functions require apache tomcat and JBoss.