What Is Google AdSense and How AdSense Work

Google AdSense is a free website monetization program which pays you by placing ads on your website. In this Google AdSense blog we understand AdSense in detail

In this Google AdSense blog we will understand basics of Google AdSense - What Is Google AdSense, How AdSense Work, How To Setup AdSense Account, How To Make Money With Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program which was launched by Google in the year 2003. This program helps you to monetize your website traffic by placing automated ads on your website. Google AdSense offers a great opportunity to website owners to earn a regular income from their website by simply following some points laid by Google.

There are a lot of programs available to enable you to monetize your website for free but Google AdSense is the most popular. In the following point we will learn how Google AdSense works?

How AdSense Work?

The basic idea behind AdSense program is...You are a website owner...You want ads to be placed on your website...You direct Google via AdSense program to place ads on your website...Ads start to appear on your website and you start earning.

Getting to the technical details - To implement AdSense in your website, you will first need to create an AdSense account and insert some codes into your website, which will help AdSense to track visitor activity on your website.

Once you are done with the setup, Google will start displaying targeted ads on your page which could either be relevant to the content of your website or to the users’ previous searches.

Using ad auction feature, AdSense automatically selects the ads that will appear on your web pages and places highest paying ads on your site accordingly.

Google AdSense works on a cost-per-click and revenue-sharing basis, which means when Google places ads on your website and visitor clicks on an ad...you get paid!

With all the automation in selecting and placing ads...Google has given you a power feature in your AdSense account called Blocking control which lets you review individual ads and choose whether to let them show on your pages.

How to setup AdSense account?

Next point is understanding how to set up AdSense account.
You will need 2 things -

1. A Google account (Gmail or any other Google service)
2. Original content - (Website, blog or even YouTube channel)

Next step is to create your AdSense account

  • Visit https://www.google.com/adsense/start/#/?modal_active=none
  • Click Get started.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you want to show ads on.
  • If you are a YouTube publisher, sign in to your YouTube account and go to https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC/monetization
  • Enter your email address.
  • Choose whether you'd like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions.
  • Click Save and continue.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Select your country or territory.
  • Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  • Click Create account.

You're now signed in to your new AdSense account.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

Google AdSense earnings depends upon lot of parameters. However AdSense users have reported that they get approximately $1-$3 per 1000 website views. Many people also claim that AdSense pays them $100 per day, as their websites have high visitor traffic. However that might not be the case with everyone as different users operate in different niche. So make sure you search for a highly-demanded niche to talk or launch your website in.

The mode of payment though is through a wire transfer to your bank account, which you are required to provide while setting up AdSense account. The payment cycle is monthly and is issued between the 21st and the 26th of the month.