What is AMP Benefits of AMP Pages

In this blog we will discuss about AMP Pages, What is AMP and the Benefits of AMP pages. How to create AMP pages, Google AMP, Types of AMP Source code.
What is AMP Benefits of AMP Pages

What is AMP - 
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source platform released as a joint venture between Google and several other technologies and publishers.

AMP allows you to create simple mobile websites that load almost instantly. The hallmark of AMP is that it reduces the number of JavaScript and CSS elements and uses a content delivery network. The number of searches performed on mobile devices exceeded the number of desktop computers.

An open source framework called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was created primarily to reduce load times for mobile users. It is in response to the growing demand for fast loading, a recurring theme among publishers and companies. This initiative was launched to create a system that will benefit all parties involved. Advertisers, publishers, and users must benefit from AMP.

AMP Source Code
Generally speaking, all servers can read AMP Source Code because the code is based on well-known scripts. The following three elements are characteristic of AMP:

AMP HTML: The HTML for accelerated mobile pages is limited to the most important things. When the page loads it loads only in the http.

AMP JavaScript: Here the AMP uses asynchronous JS code to create AMP pages. This helps to start build your site before all the JS elements are loaded

AMP-CDN: Each AMP website is cached on different servers around the world. This content can be delivered to users via the content delivery network along the shortest path. Another advantage of a CDN is that it constantly checks the health of your site. This will help you avoid mistakes.

Benefits of AMP Pages - 

AMP provides users with a simplified version of web content. This has several benefits -

Improving Page Load Time

AMP allows your website to serve content faster by removing unnecessary elements. This is very important due to the growing proportion of the world in which the entire world depends on mobile devices for Internet access.

Easy to Implement on WordPress

Besides faster loading times and slightly better search rankings, implementing AMP on your WordPress site is at least not difficult. Many website owners use simple plugins to improve their appearance and drive more traffic.

Reduced Bounce Rate

With pages optimised to load instantly, users can understand what the website is about. This will enhance visitors user experience and is going to reduce the bounce rate in an effective way