What Are the Pros and Cons of Alexa Ranking Tool 2021

Alexa Ranking is a great tool for SEO analysis and for improving website ranking. But is it actually worth the fame? Read Pros and Cons of Alexa Ranking Tool

Alexa Ranking is a great tool for SEO analysis and for improving website ranking. You can increase your website traffic and improve the credibility of your website using the Alexa Ranking tool. But is it actually worth the fame? In this blog, we will take a detailed look at the Alexa Ranking tool and understand the Pros and Cons of Alexa Ranking Tool 2021.

Here are a few ways in which Alexa rank is beneficial for your website


If your site makes money through advertising, a high Alexa rank may allow you to charge more for advertising space. If you own a website and it ranks well in the SERP, it will get lot of offers from advertisers to place their ads on your website.

If your website ranks well on Alexa as well, it will be on top priorities for the advertisers.

Competitor Analysis

The Alexa Rank tool is an amazing guide to know the history and source of traffic of your competitors. You can get a quick traffic estimate of your competitors’ websites which you can then compare against your own.

With a thorough competitor analysis, you can strategize your SEO accurately.

Website traffic

Alexa Rank is also important to drive website traffic indirectly. If your website has an attractive Alexa Rank, then it is also preferred by the search engine for its content relevancy and website authority.

This way your website also attracts higher quality guest writers wanting to contribute articles to higher-ranked sites.


As mentioned earlier, with Alexa Rank tool, competitor analysis becomes easy. But Alexa Rank tool is also useful for the analysis of your own website. Alexa Rank provides insights into the performance of your website, which could be beneficial for your website's SEO


We discussed the benefits of Alexa Rank, now let us have a look at few drawbacks of Alexa Rank

Data Limitation

Unless you buy a premium Alexa Rank account, you cannot get a complete insight into website data. You will only be able to see the global and local ranks of your competitors and yours. Even with the Alexa toolbar, the data is limited to only users who have the toolbar installed.

Easily Manipulated

The ranking that you see is not always reliable. There are a lot of ways to trick the Alexa toolbar and improve your rankings easily.


One of the major issues with Alexa Rank is its inaccuracy. The subdomains and subpages are not ranked separately, only the top-level domain are ranked separately, which results in some inaccuracies.