What Are the Best Tools for YouTube Videos Keyword Research

Read how these 7 keyword research tools for YouTube video can sky-rocket your YouTube video views in a matter of days and make your content reach its audience

YouTube is very popular. Its an ocean of audio-video content ranging in different categories.If you ever feel the need to start your own channel, the first question after deciding your niche and creating a video is...how its going to be visible?
For that, today we will be talking on 7 keyword research tools for YouTube videos.  


Doing keyword research for YouTube videos? What other source could be better than YouTube itself. Like Google, YouTube is a search engine with keyword mine with only difference being, it's only an audio-video platform. Whenever you search for something on YouTube, it has its own list of suggestions that pop under the search bar...those are your suggestions!! Include them in your content and it will have greater reach


TubeBuddy is one of the best tools to do keyword research for YouTube videos. It is a minimal tool which can be pinned in your chrome browser as an extension. It is a simple analytical add on which reveals crucial statistics such as keywords used, overall views of the video, channel subscriptions, top channel in category of the video being watched. After TubeBuddy is installed and added in your chrome browser, any video that you watch will have a sidebar generated on YouTube which will give you a mini SEO report of the performance of the video. You can put a keyword and in the search bar, select a video and see the analytics which will help you to decide what content to create and where will it be placed.


If you want to know more on how to do keyword research for YouTube videos VidIQ is also an option. VidIQ is similar to TubeBuddy in many ways - in search results, it will show search volume, competition, overall keyword score, related queries, keyword stats, and the tags from the top-ranking videos. Additionally, VidIQ also gives total amount of engagements on other social platforms such as Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. The interface is similar to TubeBuddy. So you can use VidIQ with TubeBuddy to get better insights while doing keyword research for YouTube

Google Trends

The other option to get keyword suggestions for YouTube videos is to get them from search engine giant, Google. Google search trend is a tool which you can use to find out trending searches and can use those search terms to create videos on YouTube. This strategy will not only help to boost your content Google but also help you to create a unique video which if executed properly will get you decent views.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Coming to the strictly premium category we have Ahref, which is one of the leading keyword research tools for SEO. Luckily, if you wished for such a powerful tools availability for YouTube keyword research, your wish is granted!! With near to accurate analytics Ahref's Keyword Explorer fetches search data from over 640 million YouTube keywords. It's interface is such that if you search for a generic term, the keyword explorer will show you the search volume plus give you keyword suggestions with reliable metrics.

Morning Fame

Morning Fame is also one of the keyword research tool for YouTube videos, but it works on "Invite-only" basis and you must have an invite code to join. The beauty of this tool is that it not only helps to analyze your YouTube channel but also helps you in researching keywords for your website. Services offered by Morning Fame are paid and their team follows up with you at every step and reports to you how you video and channel are performing.


KeywordTool.io is another premium keyword research tool for YouTube videos that will answer your query for how to do keyword research for YouTube videos. It is a simple tool where you put your keyword and view the search volume,based on which you can create YouTube videos which will be highly searchable.