How to Do Amazon SEO for Higher Product Ranking on Amazon

Want your products to rank high on Amazon? In this blog, we discuss How to do amazon SEO for higher product ranking on amazon and understand Amazon SEO better

Most of the time when we think of SEO we just think about Google, Bing, and other search engines. But if you are an eCommerce company, you would want your product presence on eCommerce websites too. In this Amazon SEO blog, we have suggested few things on How to Do Amazon SEO for Higher Product Ranking on Amazon. So let's read further - 

How to write Product’s Title on Amazon for better SEO

The title of the product is the most important element of Amazon SEO. The title is the first thing that a user sees, so make sure to use a title that is most relevant to your product.

Do proper keyword research for the product and do competitor analysis for similar products.
This is how you should write your product title -

  • You must include your brand name
  • Give a clear description of the product
  • Specify the color, dimensions, and other properties of your product
  • Mention the quantities available of your product

Include Seller / Supplier Name

The seller or the supplier name also is an important factor in Amazon SEO. If a seller has higher ratings on Amazon, users are more likely to order a product through that supplier or seller.

As a seller, if you want to rank high in Amazon search you can do so by including the main keywords for the product within the seller name. 

Here are the tips on how to include seller or supplier name

  • Avoid word repetition
  • Try not to use double quotation marks
  • Use synonyms or Include variations in spelling

Use these tricks to do Amazon SEO for higher product ranking on Amazon

Including your brand name in product for Amazon SEO

Another way to do Amazon SEO for higher product ranking on Amazon is by branding your field. The field always appears on the product page and links to multiple search results for additional products with the same trademark.

When you name the product enter the brand name correctly as users sometimes prefer products based on their brand.

This will not only help in SEO content optimization but also guide you on how to rank high in Amazon search

How should you describe your product for better Amazon SEO

Writing detailed product descriptions is very crucial for Amazon SEO. Write a detailed and compelling description and let the customers know more about your product. Include the most important and relevant keywords with readable, natural, and compelling copy.

Use bullets as they can be scanned, making them quick and easy to read, giving customers a priority view of this area. Inform customers about product benefits and include important information such as ingredients and dimensions.

This is one of the ways to do Amazon SEO for higher product ranking on Amazon

How should you price the product for top Amazon SEO

Another amazon SEO trick to do Amazon SEO for higher product ranking on Amazon is pricing your product strategically. The amount you charge for your product has a big impact on Amazon's conversion rate and the number of units you move on your site.

If your Amazon pricing is competitive compared to your competitors, your conversion rate should be positively impacted.

Follow one thumb rule - Don't Overprice or Underprice. Do competitor analysis effectively for pricing and then set a price for your product

How should be the product image quality for Amazon SEO

As per statistics, products with high-quality images consistently show high conversion rates on Amazon. The more clear and appealing the image is, the more it will be easier for the users to understand the content.

Some tips here are to prevent your product list from appearing at the bottom of your search results, including high-quality images as this will reduce the conversion rate.

Follow this trick to do Amazon SEO for higher product ranking on Amazon.