How to Boost Website Traffic Through Content Marketing

5 tips & tricks to boost your website traffic through content marketing in 2022. DigiReload brings you the most effective content marketing strategy.

Whenever we do SEO Activities for our company, we tend to place emphasis on the sites which have a high Domain Authority. The reason being, Google prizes authority & therefore any content being directed from high authority sites is ranked well by Google.

“Authority” is a buzzword in SEO and content marketing. Everybody wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it and keep it. 

Today we will discuss 5 ways that can help you strategize your content & SEO for gaining authority in algorithms of Google.


Strategize your content

You may be having a really viral-able content in your mind, but unfortunately, it will not bear any fruit, if executed without a proper strategy. Meanwhile, a strategy gives a pattern to your content & helps in achieving maximum reach.

Always be willing to share information

Always be willing to pass on the information to your readers or viewers. If you are an expert at something & you believe you have some intel or a hack or just a quick tip that you think will make your audience's life easy...don't hesitate to drop the information to them ASAP!!

Contribute in your industry community

When you participate in the community surrounding your industry, you not only get your name associated with a friendly presence – but also help others stay abreast of your latest content pieces overflowing with helpful advice and knowledge. Post regularly on social networks where your audience lives, and make a point to interact and connect with other.

Use Long-Form Content & use informational keywords

Long-form, in-depth content gives you a greater opportunity to display your expertise than a short, pithy blog post or a Twitter update. Long-form content is where your authority can spread its wings and show the world what it can do. While you’re at it, target informational, long-tail keywords in your longer content pieces.

Focus on a few topics, but deeply!!

You may think you need to showcase a wide range of knowledge on multiple topics for your authority-building strategy, but, in fact, that’s not the case. Instead, it’s easier to narrowly and deeply focus on one or two main topic areas. Publish content within this scope to build “pillar pages,” or a type of blog archive covering all aspects of one single topic through multiple blog posts on topic facets – all of which link to each other and to the pillar page.