How to Be Be a Fit Programmer in 6 Steps in 2021

Are you a web developer? Then like most of the other programmers, you must be going through a lot of strain. Here are 6 steps to be a fit programmer in 2020.

When we think of programmers the image that comes to mind is a nerdy person spending his entire day in front of a computer playing with HTML,CSS & other languages to do coding. The career is reputable as the magnificent websites we see today is the result of "God Level" coding.
But this also takes a toll on the health of the person as they become prone to various physical illness, due to no other activity than countless hours of working.

Here's a quick fix for those programmers who want to stay fit:

Daily physical exercise

The key is to remember to get out of your chair and move. That’s the biggest challenge. It’s great if you recognize that you need to move during your breaks. Its important you start with small steps first. Go out and walk at lunch about 15 minutes, and gradually add cardio (20 min.) and yoga (20 min) in the evening in your routine.

Low carb diet

First and foremost, a programmer has a “sitting” job. So, when it comes to your diet, you need to reduce carbohydrates because eating them increases the sugar level in your blood. Sugar gives energy, but it’s processed by your bodies just too quickly. In such a short time, the spike is created, and the body regulates it by injecting insulin to the blood, and that removes the sugar from the blood and makes us sleepy very quickly. So, you developers cannot be productive anymore and wishing for a nap during the working day. And the “quick fix” is to eat more sugar and get out of form even more.

Get a sufficient amount of sleep

Programmers who sleep less and code more eventually burn out.
Now you are working as a software engineer, busy with blogging, studying new things that are not related to your profession after work, doing that daily workout. You need to crash for a minimum 7-8 hours.

As the work routine in IT industry involves much of mental exertion and less physical exhaustion, it’s possible to manage even with less sleep in case the person feels mentally fresh. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between the number of hours spent awake vs. asleep.

Non-programming activity

Many software developers consider programming as a hobby first. And also trying to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and the newest advances in the field is also essential for pursuing a career in the IT industry.
In fact, in terms of mental processing, the job is much more similar to a lawyer or doctor than anything else.

Becasue of this intensity, it is an excellent idea to have something different to do as a hobby.

At work, you are continuously interacting with lots of other people. Lots of background noise
It’s essential to be able to chat with a wide range of people about ‘normal non-work stuff’ at work & to be able to talk at different levels to many different disciplines or topics.

In this case, having a hobby will help us to become a more rounded person and get along with a wide range of people at work much easier.

The psychological trick to staying fit with hard questions

Usually, you’re trying to avoid tough questions, because you’re not sure how to answer them and to where even start. Questions like: “What is your long-term goal?” “Why do I like doing this?” “Why am I feeling like this?” and so on.

Taking the time to think about these questions and finding your answers will allow you to value your own physical and mental health much more, and you’ll be able to take care of yourself better.
There tend to be more mental tricks which are so simple, that it’s almost a crime that you aren’t using them every day.

Practice self-care

Take care of yourself! This is extremely important to keep your health in check. If you’re not listening to what your mind and body needs, you won’t be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle – both physically and mentally. Be sure to maintain a work-life balance. Don’t get too enveloped in your work – this will lead to burn out.  Additionally, designate a time during your day or week that’s just for you.