Which Beaches Are the Best to Visit in Maharashtra

Read about the 5 best beaches in Maharashtra. How to reach these beaches from Mumbai. The best beaches for water sports in Maharashtra. All in this article!
Which Beaches Are the Best to Visit in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the states of India which is blessed with vast cultures. From Mountains to rivers, to sea Maharashtra has everything. In this article we are going to look at 5 best beaches in Maharashtra. 

Alibaug Beach

Commonly known as the Goa of Maharashtra, Alibaug hosts some of the best beaches in Maharashtra. Alibaug has its own history which is as attractive as its beaches. Alibaug has line of beaches stretched a few kms from the main city. This town will always find its name on any Indian's list who wishes to visit best beaches in India. Apart from its flagship beach, Alibaug beach - there are a lot of other popular beaches in Alibaug such as Varsoli, Kashid, Kihim to name a few. Alibaug also has a fort named Kolaba Fort, a 300-year old fort which was once chief naval stations during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra.
Alibaug beach is located at approx 95 kms through NH-66. You can also reach Alibaug by ferry from Mumbai. You can also enjoy beach sports like Jet Skiing, Bumper Ride, Banana Boat Ride and many more.

Diveagar Beach

Diveagar beach is hands down the best beach in Maharashtra. Diveagar is a village located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district of Maharashtra, India,approximately 180 kms from Mumbai. It is known as less populated and the cleanest beach of Maharashtra. Diveagar beach is stretched in a span of 6 kms with beautiful white sand, shiny blue water, towering coconut palms, and numerous betel nut trees.
Not just the beach but there are other activities that attract the tourists to this place. You can enjoy parasailing and motor boating, go for horse riding near the beach and enjoy the cool breeze and pleasant surroundings.
You can also visit historic places like the Janjira fort, Padmadurg fort while on your trip to this serene beach.
How to reach Diveagar from Mumbai? Diveagar beach can be reached via road from Mumbai. It will easily take you around 4-5 hours to reach there by road.
Another option is Railways but its not the most convenient as you will have to get down at Mangaon railway station thereon you will again have to take a transport for 30 kms by road.

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach became famous after Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra. Tarkarli even has its own houseboat facility where 4 houseboats are in regular service. These boats have all the hi-tech equipment and all luxurious amenities on board. What makes Tarkarli unique is its long stretch of silver sands. The beach is surrounded by towering coconut plantations on the beach
With its sprawling coastline, Takarli has become the perfect place for water sports. The youngster in the locality who are originally from fisherman community, offers you speed boat ride, water-skiing, banana bump rides, dolphin spotting rides. Next move to snorkel, scuba diving, para-sailing, paragliding, camel ride, horse ride and so on.

Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan is a taluka in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is blessed with a 3 km long, clean and calm, Shrivardhan Beach. The majestic white sand coastline is bestowed with striking palm groves and mango plantations. The beach is one of the prominent attractions of Shrivardhan town and also one of the popular beaches in Maharashtra. You can find water sports activities like boating, paragliding, and water surfing at Shrivardhan beach. 
Shrivardhan is well-maintained as compared to the nearby beaches with a small Promenade with seating capacities so that even the elderly can enjoy the view.
Shrivardhan beach is approx 180kms from Mumbai and you can reach there by road via NH66 in around 5 hrs.

Guhagar Beach

Another much unexplored beauty lies in the town of Guhagar, Maharashtra. 
Blessed with white sandy beach, glistening turquoise waters and a magical golden sunset makes it a perfect holiday destination. With clean sands and less population, Guhagar Beach is one of the longest beaches in Maharashtra stretching over 6 km and counts among the most attractive places to visit in Maharashtra. 
There are no watersport facility available though but it can be a refreshing weekend getaway with family as it offers camel rides, play area for children which has swings, seesaws and slides.
Guhagar is distant from Mumbai. It is situated approx 260 kms from Mumbai and can be reached by road via NH66