Which are Website Builder For Creating Professional Website

Create amazing websites using these best 5 free website builder tools without having programming knowledge. Create a blog website with no codes today.

Want to create a website for free but stuck with programming? Here are the 5 best free website builders to help you create professional website.


Starting our list with the boss of all - Wix. Wix is widely popular among users who are looking for free website builders to create a website with pro functionalities. Its easy for anyone to be convinced to use Wix, given its treasure full of features which are as follows:

  • Easy to use, select & implement functionality
  • Great & a lot of varieties of templates
  • Spectacular themes & simple editor
  • App market
  • Unlimited page creation
  • Total SEO compatibility
  • If you want to purchase domain...it is available at $5 per month.


The next on our list is Site123. If you are not creative-savvy but still have a reason to own a website with much of the work being handled by a free website building tool, Site123 is your best choice. They don't have a lot of templates as you would usually find in most of the free website builder websites, which means you have less options. Instead they have some 11 categories.

You choose one as per your requirement & your website category & you are good to go. The web themes are beautiful & the website is responsive across platforms. They have a lot of plugins to customize your website. It also gives you full access to SEO


Weebly is a popular web building and designing software. The one specialty of Weebly is that you can create a normal website plus with the web design tools offered, you can also create online ecommerce stores easily. The overall look, feel & functionality is super simple...you just have to drag & drop things you want, anywhere.

You don't need any programming know-how to create your website as Weebly makes it simple for you to add functionalities. Another good thing is the website created is responsive & can be viewed with ease on any platform.


The domain  hosting giant has recently entered the free website builder segment & believe me you wont be disappointed. All you need is a wish to create a website, GoDaddy free features, to an extent will handle everything. Sleek designs with multiple category to choose from, GoDaddy offers hassle free website creation with SEO customization.

The layout used in the editor is simple & you don't need programming knowledge to get a hang of GoDaddy. The free plan offers many great features including messaging system functionality.


WordPress.com is a great option if you want to create a blog. If seen from a blogging point of view...nothing beats Wordpress. The platform offers a lot of free templates, amazing themes, visuals, to make your blog as appealing as possible. A lot of inbuilt plugins are available to add various functionalities to your blog. SEO is super smooth with Wordpress , though you will need to have SEO knowledge, but the simple & self explanatory layout will help you in a great way.

The free offer permits 3GB of storage with much of the extensive blogging features automatically built-in, such as analytics, a search feature, comments, display categories, archiving, and more.