Which Are the Top Web Design Tools for Web Designers in 2020

Here are the top 5 amazing web design tools for web designers in 2020 to create website suitable for the companies & businesses with best UI practices

Adobe Dreamweaver

For the most, Adobe Dreamweaver works by HTML editing, and visual editing making it simpler for the users to get used to & learn. Its an impressive design tool that permits you to code your website design without having broad information on programming. Another standout feature of this tool is that you can create a responsive design.
This allows you to optimize your website for mobile devices, and also for desktops without affecting the experience of the website user.


If stats are to be believed, WordPress powers 27 % of all the worldwide sites, and it has a 76% market share in the world’s CMS. This is what makes WordPress one of the best and most recognized web design tools. It has been at the top of the web design industry for a while now, and it has been continually utilized for website designing by both beginners & professionals. It supports over a thousand in-built themes and plugins that give users an authority & variety of options to choose from and install, edit and optimize the websites as per their vision.


If you are a creative web designer, Photoshop has to be your "creative companion". Photoshop is a another vital tool and is undoubtedly the most important of the adobe suite for web designers. It has countless colour options and gradients which enable you to create beautiful prints and patterns in your design project. The most amazing part of using this tool is that it allows you to create authentic websites since you’re creating digital artwork based on what you have drawn.

The only limitation is, you have to be a pro at using this tool to unlock its designing & creativity potential, once you master it, you can create impressive and authentic designs more quickly, and a lot faster than other tools.

InVision Studio

Many web designers often refer this tool as a complete package and the best tool for designing a website because of its incredible UI tool with unique features & applications. The incredible features of InVision Studio help the designer to create website interfaces that are both user-friendly and beautiful, apart from the overall website being responsive and collaborative.

The Rapid prototyping feature enables web designers to create complex & creative web transitions which helps them to create animations that visually appealing


If you are looking for a web design tool to create vector UI design, Sketch is your companion. E commerce businesses often need hi-fidelity interfaces & prototypes in order to portray the product in the best possible way, that's where Sketch comes as a handy web design tool. The Symbols of this tool is also an important feature, as it allows the designer to design UI assets and elements that can be reused.