Which are the Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2020

Want to travel on a budget? Here are your best bet destinations to visit in 2020

If you are planning to explore the world in 2020, the good news is that you don’t need to be rich for that. There are plenty of budget destinations that you can check out in order to have some relaxing time with your loved one. Finding a location is not difficult if you have the right information. 

Here are 10 locations where you can travel in 2020 on a low budget!



Bulgaria is a cheap and very interesting culture. Besides the attractive culture that this country has you can also enjoy a very affordable skiing trip. Get the best ski boot bag and slide down for the winter!


Mexico has great food, awesome nature and very convenient prices. This will be an incredible adventure to try out in 2020 and an experience to cherish for life!


If you think that Hawaii is expensive, think again. There is something for everyone here. In the amazing culture and beaches of Hawaii you can enjoy a nice and long vacation on a budget.


India is one of the most intense countries in the world. With their spiritual beliefs, you will never regret spending time here. And everyone knows that India is fairly cheap, even if you want to go at the best resorts!


Latino cultures are always attractive and exciting. And Argentina is one of the best countries to experience some of this intense vibe. You will not spend more than you want here as it is one of those countries that offer great hospitality for convenient costs.


The once called Roman Empire still has a lot to offer. Impressive architecture and great food at very good costs. If you make it to Italy you should definitely check out Rome for a historical vibe!


The land of elegance, style and class is not as pricey as some might think. You can spend some time in France without breaking your savings. And you will love the people and the views.


Just like India, Thailand is a very spiritual country with incredible people. Here you can experience the intense life in Bangkok but also the peace of some relaxing beaches. And it is as cheap as you would love it to be!


Very few decide to go to Romania but this Carpathian Garden has a lot to offer to its tourists. It has a history that stretches on two thousands of years and it is a very beautiful nature spot. The prices are also welcoming for everything this country has to offer.