What Are the Features of Powerful Ecommerce Website Design

Here are the 10 crucial features of powerful ecommerce website design which are implemented in every top ecommerce website design to drive maximum sales.

Here are the 10 crucial features of powerful ecommerce website design which are implemented in every top ecommerce website design to drive maximum sales.


User Friendly Website

The most important characteristic of e-commerce website is that it should be user friendly. The design, functionality, process - everything must be clear with a simple flow.Provide  shopping categories, filters, search boxes, recommended products, complete product details with price and delivery details, so that the visitor is comfortable while surfing the website.

Mobile Website

One of the most essential feature of ecommerce website design is, it should be mobile responsive. You must understand that post COVID19 period will require most of the business to take place online, especially on mobile devices. If your e-commerce business website is not mobile responsive, it is going to affect your sales, drastically. Just make sure the mobile view of your ecommerce website design is responsive and accommodates according to the mobile device on which it is being viewed, with lower loading time.

High-Resolution Photos and Video

Invest in Ecommerce photography and decorate your product catalog with clean, high resolution, product images. Customers these days want to see the product from every angle, so make sure you provide 3D view of the products in your ecommerce website.

Product Navigation

Another important aspect of custom ecommerce website is easy product navigation. Just imagine the level of frustration a visitor would experience, if he struggles to find the product, he wanted to buy.You'll not only lose sale, but a prospect loyal visitor. The best ecommerce website designs have intuitive product navigation with creative transitions to make navigation quick and fluent. 

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is where all the selected products are held aside for purchase. You can either purchase entire cart or tick-off some of the things you don't want to buy. Make sure the necessary elements of the cart such as, product names, description, price, total cost of the cart, with product thumbnail image and quantity box are present, for quick order reference of the customer. Also, its a good practice to provide Wish list functionality, for ease of purchase.

Payment Gateway Integration

Simplify the entire payment process while still offering strong security on online transactions. Offer multiple payment options, so that it becomes convenient for the customers to pay using the mode they are most comfortable with. It is important to stay updated on the trending online payment methods and implement the same in your ecommerce website for quick transactions. Consider using Amazon one-click shopping like functionality, which lets users purchase with one click.

Order Management

Use the best order management system that is able to manage orders, in any quantity, swiftly. This is important as order management will enable your ecommerce website to fulfill customer orders on time, resulting in achieving customer delight.

Site Security

Ecommerce websites involve purchase transactions using credit cards or debit cards, direct transfers through banks and much. So it is crucial that no data such as credit card information or other banking details are saved. Implement a strong payment gateway, so that visitors can purchase without any fear of encountering a fraud. Make sure the passwords are hashed and not stored in a readable format and that the web pages are protected by SSL and the transactions are secured with Two-factor authentication.


Your website is not just a tool to sell products, rather it is your online personality and so it is of prime importance that you are available for your customers 24x7. It is therefore an essential feature of best ecommerce website designs to have FAQ sections, Chatbots, Contact Us with immediate responses. If a customer orders from you, he/she should receive regular updates on the product dispatch and delivery.

Content Management System

Ecommerce websites are heavily content driven, so it is necessary that you choose the best CMS for easing the process of managing different product catalogs and other website content.