What are Google Photos Alternative in 2021

Google Photos is now chargeable so lots of people are looking out for Google Photos alternatives. Here are the unlimited top 5 Google Photos alternative in 2021

With the news hitting the internet about Google Photos becoming chargeable from June 2021, people have been searching for a Google Photos alternative with unlimited storage. In this article, we will talk about the best Google Photos alternatives in India which are ready to serve the users with open arms at low or no cost. Here are the top 5 "UNLIMITED" Google Photos alternative in 2021

Amazon Photos

The first Google Photos alternative we will talk about is Amazon Photos. Amazon is not only a leading E-comm giant but also when it comes to Cloud technologies, Amazon has a game going in that segment as well. Amazon photos offer the users truly unlimited storage for your photos.

For videos and other files, there's a free 5 GB limitation, however. The app automatically syncs your photos with the devices you permit the sync access with so you can share the files with family members.

The paid subscription is priced low, but the good news is, if you are a Prime member, you can avail all the services without charges.


Another top Google Photos alternative you can use with unlimited storage is Dropbox. Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage service which if configured correctly can function as a media storage platform as well.

With the help of some best third-party integration, Dropbox can be the best Google Photos alternative for you. It provides the users with a basic sync feature that lets them automatically sync all of the photos from their phone to a secure location in the cloud.

However, you only get 2GB of storage in the free version.


The next Google Photos alternative platform is Flickr. Flickr can help you with your SEO for image submissions, but it is a great photo storage platform also. It is a professional portal used by photographers to upload and share their photography work with the community or website visitors.

The photos are high quality and you can also set your privacy so that photos are only visible to those whom you want.

Flickr used to be free a quiet while ago, it provided 1TB of storage. Now they have limited the uploads to 1,000 photos with a $7 a month premium account.


One of the top contenders to Google Photos is Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, OneDrive. OneDrive is popular among business owners as it has lots of Office apps options, plus the user can store photos on this platform safely.

Users also get sync, search, and tagging features, making it one of the best Google Photos alternatives in 2021

Apple iCloud

iCloud is to Apple as Google Drive is to Google. Like Google Photos, Apple has iCloud Photos. This tool is only limited to people using Apple products, but it is one of the top alternatives to Google Photos as there are a lot of people using Apple devices.

iCloud Photos is an easy way to keep all of your photos safely stored in the cloud. You can access your photos from virtually any device. Free users are limited to 5GB of storage, but Apple iCloud offers some of the cheapest plans for expansion.