These Online Shopping Trends Will Rule 2021 and Beyond

These are the most followed online shopping trends that will appeal the most to the users. As an E-Commerce brand you must include these technologies to lead

These are the most followed online shopping trends that will appeal the most to the users. As an E-Commerce brand you must include these technologies to lead in competition

Voice Search Will Rise

Life is becoming convenient. Just imagine, you only have to give a voice command to a machine to complete a task, from searching a song to searching a destination on maps. People are increasingly relying on voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to get any info they want, play any songs they want, not only this but voice recognition enabled remotes allow you to access almost any content on smart TV's. What marketers are trying here is to integrate voice search technology in E-Commerce websites, to further enhance it's usability and make buying process faster.A voice search app or platform should be at the heart of your customer experience strategy.
For eg- If you are an ecomm website offering wide range of products and have voice search feature enabled in your site, imagine the amount of time a user could save while shopping and on top of that it will make him purchase again from you for the ease you offered.


As per reports about more than 120,000 stores will be using AR technologies to enhance a customer's buying experience by 2022. AR/VR both appeal to the users and make your website look technologically advanced. If you own an E-Commerce website, integrate AR on your product pages which will not only provide an in-depth look at your product but will also help build confidence among the users about the product. Augmented reality (AR) helps eliminate "instant gratification" hurdle by letting customers see how a certain product would look on them even before they buy the product. AR/VR is a very powerful feature and must not be ignored in E-Commerce website in 2021


If reports are to believed, by 2022 online sellers will spend $7.3 billion on AI. Integrating AI in E-Commerce website has a bundle of benefits. It helps in personalization of Online Purchases, warehouse automation, automated pricing management, among other benefits. 
AI also helps in understanding the customer psyche better and enables companies to make trend predictions with it's solid analysis. One of the fun feature of AI is "Chatbot". Chatbots give your website a lively feel as your website becomes more interactive and accessible. Some of the best examples of AI chatbots are Facebook Messenger and Slack. They can adapt to any language and respond depending on the region.

Omnichannel Selling

In a survey by Harvard Business Review, as many as 73% of respondents said they use multiple channels during their shopping journey. This data is enough of a reason why brands should be present on multiple digital platforms and sell. Omnichannel selling refers to providing shoppers a seamless and consistent experience across multiple channels and devices. 
However, your presence anywhere means you will need analysis of your presence, to track sales, users and more. You can use analytics tools like Finteza that provide detailed E-Commerce analytics to identify customer behaviors and track everything related to the cash flow. It also helps you to analyze which products are in demand, monitor your profit and loss, and evaluate customer loyalty.

New Payment Options

It is the age of FinTech and there are many payment options that have emerged lately to ease a user's buying process. It is therefore important for you to implement all the payment methods in your website to make shopping convenient for the buyers. Remember, If you don’t offer your customers’ preferred payment method, they won’t purchase from your E-Commerce store are one of the main reasons why customers choose a specific brand. Most E-Commerce businesses nowadays accept digital wallets like Google Pay, Samsung or Apple Pay, and PayPal, then there is of-course debit and credit cards. Marketers will also have to keep an eye on Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as sooner or later, even they will become a mode of payment.

Rise of Green Consumerism

Let us first understand Green Consumerism - It simply means, manufacturing products that protect the environment. We all have been through a pandemic and it has made us realize the importance of environment. Companies keeping this in mind will have an edge over its competitors and E-Commerce businesses that implement this practice in their operations will have better survival chances in the market. To put it statistically, 65% of buyers want to make purchases from brands that aim for sustainability according to the Harvard Business Review.
Amazon has taken the pledge towards sustainability, and other E-Commerce brands are also following its path as humans look for ways to reduce waste and preserve the earth for future generations.
If you want to join the revolution make sure your current products are being made through sustainable processes or with sustainable materials. If they aren’t, changes your production process and adopt a more sustainable process by reducing the amount of packaging waste.

Video Shopping

As per reports, Statista estimated that by the end of 2021, 73% of E-Commerce sales will take place on a mobile device. Marketers are using social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to boost their product sale. There is another statistic that states integrating videos in your E-Commerce website boosts its selling potential. Videos are medium for return on investment as they make up for 89% of the conversion. If you want to benefit the most ou of video functionality, record videos of your top-performing products and place them on the front of your website and social media platforms where your audience can be found the most. You can place unboxing videos, tutorials or explainer videos to make your website appealing