The Top 5 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark

The hunt for best free video editing software without watermarks has always been raging among video content creators. Here are 5 top video editing softwares.

Internet today is all about video content. Whatever is your objective online it can be achieved through engaging videos and that's why a lot of users look for free video editing software without watermark and a simple interface. Today we will talk about which free video editing software is best for beginners and reveal the top 5 free video editing software without watermark:

VSDC Free Video Editor

Confused about which free video editing software is best for beginners? VSDC Free Video Editor is your solution. VSDC Free Video Editor is a video editing software application that helps to edit videos and create videos. It is a free video editing software without watermark. If you are a beginner or even a professional, VSDC video editor is a convenient option to create videos. It supports almost any image, audio and video format and comes with amazing inbuilt tools to polish your video with cool transitions, filters and effects. VSDC Free video editor can perform DVD burning and video converting functions too. The best part is - it's free and has no ads, or trial period.

iMovie Video Editor Software

iMovie is a free video editing software dedicated solely to Mac and iOS devices. Developed by Apple for macOS and iOS devices, iMovie is the of the most user-friendly video editors available for beginners. It is simple, lucid and comes with features such as image, audio and video editing, such as trimming videos, detaching audio, and sharing photos - watermark free! iMovie also allow you to add transitions and effects. iMovie however is a dedicated Apple video editing software and is not available for windows. 

VideoProc Video Editor

Looking for a simple and powerful free video editing software for beginners? VideoProc is exactly what you need!
VideoProc is a free video editing software without watemark. Along with the usual video editor functions like image, video or audio trimming and editing - VideoProc can handle 4K video editing.

It has a built-in wide range of video codec library, which lets the software to perform heavy duty video editing from iPhone, GoPro and DSLR's without watermark. Thanks to it's exclusive hardware acceleration, VideoProc offers faster file processing.


Openshot is another free video editing software without watermark. It is an open source software and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Openshot is quick to learn and easy to use. You can create stunning videos with varieties of tools for editing your videos and images. It supports somewhere around 70+ languages which other free video editing softwares don't provide and also offers impressive features such as 3D animation, slow motion and time effects. The interface is simple with clear feature display which makes OpenShot a good choice for beginners.

DaVinci Resolve

The main USP of DaVinci Resolve is its capability to handle 8K resolution video editing. It is termed as the most versatile of all the free video editing softwares available. The reason is simple - It is amazing for beginners, has professional level features with which you can create high quality video or movie, has smart edit modes that enables users to auto sync multiple clips.

It has immense features like motion graphics, cut page, color correction, visual effects and much more. Give it a try when you are on your hunt for the best video editing software which is not only free but has no watermarks.