How To Use Chrome Extension on Android Phones

For years browser extensions have been used only on desktop browsers. In this blog we will look at 5 mobile browsers with chrome extension for android phones

Browser extensions allow you to customize your viewing by adding specific features. For years, only desktop browsers supported browser extensions but now you can also install browser extensions using any Android browser. In this blog we will discuss few of the mobile browser with chrome extension for android phones -

Yandex Browser

Whether it is ad-blocking, privacy, voice search, or customization, Yandex has everything that you'd expect from a browser these days.

With a smooth browsing experience, it promises to protect you from threats like untrusted certificates, malicious pages, paid subscriptions, and more.

You can download Extensions such as LastPass, Pocket, and Evernote on Yandex directly from the Chrome store. Additionally, the night mode on Yandex makes for a good reading experience along with other accessibility options, such as the ability to change text size and caption support.

All these features and a lot more productivity add ons make Yandex one of the best mobile browsers with chrome extension for android phones.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi browser is one of the best mobile browsers with chrome extension for android phones. Kiwi Browser is a popular recommendation on the web for Android browsers that support extensions.

This browser is based on the Chromium project, which is also used by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

With its powerful ad and popup blocker, you don't have to worry about annoying ads when browsing the Kiwi browser. If you are tired of Google crawling your AMP site despite your high-speed internet connection, you can also disable AMP entirely in your Kiwi browser.

The browser is built into Chromium Canary, so you can take advantage of the latest features even before they are out for everyone's use.


Firefox has long been Chrome's biggest competitor and one of the few non-Chrome browsers on Android. If you're switching between computer and phone, Firefox is a great choice for platform compatibility.

All you need is a Firefox account to sync all your passwords, history, and bookmarks across all your devices. Firefox has advanced privacy features that block online trackers and intrusive ads by default, and the ability to block most cookies and third-party trackers in strict mode.

If you enjoy customization, like most Android users, you will be happy with the fact that you can customize almost every aspect of your browser. And the built-in Reading View removes all design elements from the page, so you can focus on the text.

However, not all extensions work on Firefox due to the limited number of add-ons it uses, but some plugins are guaranteed to work, which makes Firefox one of the mobile browsers with chrome extension for android phones option

Brave Browser

Brave is a mobile browser that supports extensions. It has a unique approach to getting rid of annoying ads. Instead of displaying ads, Brave rewards you with a cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token) each time you visit a website through its browser.

You can expect pretty fast loading times and fewer surfing errors. The home widget also shows you how many ads and trackers you have avoided, as well as the data and time you saved browsing.

Overall, the Brave browser takes a pretty “bold” approach to serve ads in a unique and informative way, which makes it one of the best mobile browsers with chrome extension for android phones.

Samsung Browser

Samsung Internet has several additional features which are not just limited to Samsung devices. Instead of offering the entire Chrome store, Samsung selects and develops mobile add-ons manually. The quantity is small, but the quality is not at all the same.

You will also find the most popular products like ad blockers, sellers, translators, security and more. Samsung Internet Extension makes it easy to sync all your bookmarks and browsing history.

Plus, with useful features such as a QR code scanner, customizable toolbar, and reading mode, Samsung's Internet browser presents a host of surprises.

Like most of the browsers on this list, Samsung Internet has a beta version that you can use when needed, which is why it is one of the best mobile browser with chrome extension for android phones.