How to Create Responsive Web Design Using Web Design Tools

In this responsive web design blog, we have revealed Trending Tools to Create Responsive Web Design in 2021. Create a responsive website with these tools easily.

A responsive website is the need of the hour. You just can't expect many users to come to your website and spend time if it's static and not cross-platform viewable. In this link, Why Responsive Web Design Is Important we have explained the importance of a responsive web design. Today we will carry forward from there and see web design tools to create a responsive website 


The first tool we will talk about for creating a responsive website is Bootstrap. A bootstrap is an open-source tool for designing mobile-first responsive websites. The good thing about this tool is, it's free!.

Bootstrap offers several elements to build a responsive website, thanks to its vast toolkit. You can pick any element you want to insert into your page and create amazing looking webpages.


Wirefy is another free tool to create a responsive website design and responsive wireframes. You can easily plan your design and content using Wirefy, as it is really easy to use. All you need to have is practical knowledge of HTML and CSS. Wirefy, as a platform, ensures that users can create a responsive website that is cross-platform functional.


Want to decorate your website with engaging videos? FitVids can help you do so. FitVids is a free tool that can be used to justify the dimensions of the video so that the video loads in response to the screen aspect ratio. Designers can embed videos using the plugin provided in the tool itself.

Adaptive Images

Adaptive images enable web designers to create images that flex according to the display ratio. This is similar to Fitvids, it does the same for videos. A responsive website has to be ready for many devices it will be visited on.

So, the website elements such as images and videos need to be responsive as well. Adaptive images tool help you in this regard.

Similarly, you can also use Blueberry to include an automatically responsive image slideshow on your website. It is a free open-source tool.


The text has a different appeal. Many times, text on the website influence the visitors to stay on a website bit longer. So text is an integral part of a website design.

Remember, it's not just the look of the text that matters, but its responsiveness has to be your focus too while creating responsive website design.

You can use the FitText tool, a free and easy-to-use plugin, to automatically resizes your headings and display text based on the size of the screen visitors have.

Style Tiles

Another productive web design tool for responsive website design is Style Tiles. Style Tiles is a useful tool to create a demo outline of your website before diving into full-fledged website development.

You need to see if it's suitable for you as it is recommended for professional designers that work with clients.


If you want to work with your team on a shared platform and create a responsive website, Invision is a tool that might come in handy. The collaborative working feature enables you to share your work with others on a team and provides team members easy access on various devices for real-time testing.

The free version provides one project. Users can buy a premium plan if they want to use Invision for more projects.


Another free tool to use for creating a responsive website is Webflow. Webflow is simple to use, it automatically generates the code for you.

When you copy this code and implement it in your website design, it guides you to enhance the visuals of your responsive website design. However to use upgraded features you will have to purchase premium plans.