How to Create a Website Without Coding in 2021

Want to create your own website but dont know how to code? In this article we will look at website builder tools to create a website without coding

Let us quickly discuss website builder tools to help you create a website without coding. In this digital age everyone's wants to start a business - large scale or small, or even start a blog, but not everyone is skilled enough to create a website on their own. Thanks to technological innovations, now anyone can create a website using website builders tools. In this article we will understand how to build website without coding using 6 website builder tools.


Wix is presently the best website builder tool to create a website without coding. If you are new to web design world, Wix has all the features and functions to guide you to build website without coding. Wix has huge amount of free templates available, which are designed keeping in mind the various industries and interests. You can fully customize your website using lots of available design elements which include stock photos, button designs, themes, clip arts.
The interface is simple as Wix has built in drag-and-drop store builder and image editor which enables you to create a desirable webdesign in a matter of minutes. Not only this but websites created on Wix come with tools for SEO, social media integration, analytical tools.


Another powerful tool to create a website without coding is Squarespace. But before getting any further, there's one thing that you must keep in mind - Squarespace is premium and there are no free plans. But it is worth every penny that you will spend to create a website. You can create literally any website using Squarespace. Template are responsive and beautiful which offer lot of customization. You can create a blog website, Portfolio website even an E-commerce website on Squarespace. Another powerful feature of Squarespace its amazing website analytics, which allows you to keep track of your website's performance on search engines.


Next is everyone's favorite - Wordpress. Wordpress is also a free website builder and powerful tool to create website without coding. Wordpress has all the tools you need to create a quality website. What makes Wordpress a stand-out free website builder is it's vast library of plugins. You will see many people starting their websites using Wordpress, the reason behind this is the simple interface Wordpress offers with proper guidance. Wordpress offers lot of theme variations, design elements such as images, fonts, borders, colors etc to help you create a website that appeals to the viewers.
Besides, Wordpress comes with built-in analytics and other marketing tools. You can create build unlimited free websites on one account, plus the bandwidth is unlimited.


Another website creator tool to create a website without coding is Webflow. The good thing about Webflow is that it provides you with a free account. You dont need a credit card or even a trial period, just login with an email id and Webflow will allow you to create 2 projects on free basis with complete design accessibility and CMS control. As far as features are concerned Webflow offers large variety of pre-designed templates to choose from. It offers lot of customization and provides you with 10GB of free storage space, which becomes chargeable when free usage limit extends. It also offers complete eCommerce functionality. Webflow also comes with built-in SEO tools for optimizing your website.


Jimdo is an amazing website builder tool to build website without coding. If you want to design a website which is light and fast, Jimdo is your companion. Jimdo is a Germany based website builder tool and hosting solutions company. Jimdo offers lots of amazing features in its free plan. There are a lot of customization features available to create a desirable website. Jimdo also has social media integration tools which can be used to link to your website and get detailed analytics about social media traffic on your website. Jimdo is becoming a popular tool to build a website without coding with its vast elements and SEO supported websites.


Your search to find the best website builder is incomplete without considering Weebly. Weebly is also one of the source to create a website without coding. Weebly offers lot of customization elements to create an attractive website. For creating a website, there are 4 plans out of which one is free that offers basic features. You get 500 MB of storage space, SSL security, SEO functionality and Lead forms under the free plan, which is enough if you are just a beginner trying to understand how websites function.