How to Buy Smartwatch with Best Smartwatch Features in 2021

Want to buy a smartwatch? Heres the best Smartwatch buying guide uncovering top Smartwatch features. Read this smartwatch blog to find your perfect smartwatch

A smartwatch isn't just a watch, it's a style statement. In this smartwatch buying guide, we will uncover the things to know before buying a smartwatch. We will see some highly recommended smartwatch features which are a "MUST HAVE" in the best smartwatches.

So if you want to buy a smartwatch, this smartwatch blog will help you to explore the best smartwatch to buy

smartwatch design

The first and foremost thing to look at while buying a smartwatch is the smartwatch design. While you want it to look stylish, but don't ever compromise on the fit of the smartwatch. The fit has to be sturdy, with a comfortable wristband. Most brands provide rubber straps, but there are premium brands too that offer smartwatches with metal straps.

Also, one of the main aspects to consider before buying a smartwatch is, it must be water-resistant. It will protect the smart wearable device from rain, sweat, and to an extent underwater.

Pay attention to the type of display which the smartwatch offers. Most smartwatches use a colorful LCD screen or AMOLED display that makes the viewing experience rich as it tends to be brighter.

Some smartwatches offer crisp OLED displays instead of LCD displays to make the design slim, but these are expensive.

Operating system

The best smartwatches have the best Operating Systems that power them. So, when you are looking for the best smartwatch to buy, your search has to be based around the OS. The thing you must know here is, some smartwatch manufacturing brands use their own OS, for example - Apple uses its own OS named Watch OS in its smartwatches. While many other smartwatch brands use Android OS for their smartwatches. Do your research before deciding which OS you want to go for.


Let's talk about the things that make the smartwatch look good, feel stylish - the customizations. You can change the look and feel of your smartwatch as per your creativity and desire by customizing it how you want it to be. There are different points to touch while talking about the customizations a smartwatch must have and these points directly influence your smartwatch buying decision.

Smartwatches come with themes which are known as faces. By default, brands provide 1-10 faces and allow users to download additional from the cloud.

Apart from these customizations, check if the smartwatch is compatible with your phone and smartTV.
App download ability also plays a major role while looking for the best smartwatch to buy. You must do research to know how many apps are supported by the smartwatch you are going to buy


If it's Android OS, most of your android devices should get connected to it, likewise if it's Apple OS most of the Apple devices should be compatible with it. This is how you make a wise decision while planning to buy the best smartwatch for yourself.

Apart from this, see if the smartwatch offers other modes of connectivity such as Bluetooth, Infrared, NFC. Some of the smartwatches also support the calling feature as they support a SIM card and have their own independent cellular connectivity.


A smartwatch buying guide is totally incomplete if it does not showcase smartwatch features. While exploring different smartwatches, we often get confused about which brand's smartwatch provides which feature.

To make it simple just focus on these smartwatch features that will make your buying decision clear.

  • A smartwatch must-have activity tracking, some brands provide up to 5, but, the more, the better.
  • A smartwatch must track your fitness - SpO2 in your blood, Heart rate, Pulse rate, Sleep Quality, Menstrual cycle, at least.
  • Compatibility with your phone so that you can access Messages, Gmail, Calls, and even control Music.
  • GPS to make navigation easier and track distance

While on your hunt to buy the best smartwatch, look for these highly recommended smartwatch features


We have some psychological connect unintentionally with the product battery life. The more it is, the more we trust the product and view it as reliable. smartwatches are superb with the battery life ranging from 2 days to 20 days on a single charge, depending upon the usage and smartwatch brand.

The smartwatches come with a magnetic charger which again is a delight to use.


Now you know all the important aspects to look for before buying a smartwatch. But ultimately, does it fall under your budget? To your delight, Yes. Most of the smartwatches with all the features mentioned above are priced under INR 4000.

You can adjust your budget and go for less pricey ones but you will have to compromise on few features.
Premium watch brands such as Tag Heuer, Fossil also have a smartwatch segment for high-value customers and so has Apple.