Android 12 Features Revealed With Release Date

The latest Android 12 features revealed with the launch date. Keep reading to know whats new in the update and what is Android 12 release date in this blog

Android 11 features amazed us all with easy accessibility and convenience of use. But as the saying goes "Change is constant" and here we are excited for the release of Android 12. In this blog, we will learn about the fresh features Android 12 has to offer. We will also reveal the Android 12 release date and the few devices that will support Android 12.

Let's start with the Android 12 features first-

Video and Image compression features

JPEG for long has been the most used compressed image format on mobile. With the launch of Android 12, this is going to change as developers have introduced a new image format that promises improved image quality over JPEG without increasing the size of the file. It is called AVIF.

Not only this but Android 12 has media transcoding which means that your devices will now be able to play videos compressed in HEVC format.

Effortless Wi-Fi sharing

Another Android 12 feature that you will definitely find helpful is its wi-fi sharing. Previously in Android 11 you to create a QR code in order to share your wi-fi with someone. That was easy, but Android 12 has made it easier with you or anyone wanting to connect to wi-fi, just hit the “Nearby” button underneath the QR code. With this feature, you won't have to hand your phone around for everyone to scan and connect to your wi-fi

Screenshot edit options

Android 12 comes with an in-built screenshot editing tool which means, you can add text, Emoji, and stickers to your screenshots using the same tool. Now, it's not a change or an add-on to boast about but now you unnecessarily don't have to download a third-party app to do the same thing.

Face-based auto-rotate

Another cool feature of Android 12 is the inclusion of a face-based auto-rotate feature. While early estimates were that this feature was exclusively for Pixel phones. Now, as per industry experts and reviewers, it has become clear that Face based auto rotate will be available to all Android OEMs.

Improved one-handed mode

This feature was not declared until Google confirmed it. To use this feature you will have to first activate it within Android settings, and then you swipe down anywhere at the bottom of the display. Your top half of the display comes downwards which allows you to better reach any buttons, icons, or other features there.

Redesigned notification menu

One of the best Android 12 features is that it comes with redesigned notification menu. Focusing on the responsiveness in Android 12, its notification system has been redesigned to improve aesthetics, usability, and functionality. Not only this but Google has churned the drawer and controls a bit to freshen up transitions and animations.

Enhanced audio features

There has been a major enhancement in the audio segment with the introduction of the Haptic-coupled audio effect. Google has allowed its developers to merge haptic feedback patterns with audio in Android 12.

Haptic technology enhances the strength and duration of vibrations are derived from audio cues, which adds a more immersive layer to media playback or alerts. This has been a great add-on feature in Android 12

Resizing app icons

Another cool Android 12 feature is its new widget organization. With this feature, you can easily add more widget categories and place specific apps under them. Not only this but you can also shrink the size of the icons for better on-screen arrangement.

The UX customizations in Android 12 have been developed to suit round-edged phones so it is all device compatible...Android of course!


So these are some of the standout Android 12 features that will positively have a larger impact on your phone usability as it is going to make your life easier.

There has been much speculation about the Android 12 release date for the past few months. But Android 12 will release somewhere between May 18- May 20 at Google IO 2021 and then Android 12 will be released in the month of September 2021 for an update