7 Things To Do To Be Productive In Lockdown

The whole country is under a 21 days lockdown. While some are busy working from home, for those who arent, here are 7 Things To Do To Be Productive In Lockdown

The whole pandemic situation is unfortunate. There's nothing except distressing news about rising number of cases & an uncontrollable rise in number of deaths around the world. Most of the countries have announced lockdowns & have urged the people of their respective nation to stay indoors in order restrict the virus from spreading further. The situation is undesirable for the masses all over the world & for the world economy too, however on a positive side there's a lot you can do to update yourself as a person in this lockdown period.
DigiReload points out 7 things, if done regularly, can improve your personality & lifestyle drastically:

Learn New Skills

You can utilize this opportunity to learn new skills. It could be anything, relating to your job, or something you are interested in doing etc. If you like music you can perhaps learn to create music using apps.If you are a budding photographer, this is a good opprtunity for you to explore how lenses work & how to use them. You can learn anything in general, from a new language to DIY tricks anything.

Develop Productive Habits

Invest in your self. Think about the habits that you always wanted to get rid off & the habits you wanted to inculcate. Wake up early, Follow a strict routine. Do yoga or some kind of exercise to keep yourself energetic for the day.Eat healthy, refrain from being lathargic at home. Dont just sit at home & be motionless. Participate in household chores, clean your stuff - book shelf, your file folders, perhaps unrequired files on your laptop or computer. Try to fix broken things. The whole idea behind this is organising your stuff is directly linked to improving your managerial abilities

Plan Your Career Track

Whichever career you are in, this is a good time to sit & plan as to how you can improve your working technique or may be develop some skills that help you in doing your job effectively. You can sit & reconsider if you want to switch your profile altogether & sharpen your skills as per the career you want to switch to. Plan out & list some good case studies & strategies online to help you prepare for the new job opportunity or make you an effecient resource on the current role.

Plan Your Finances

With the stock market at an all time low, you can concentrate on the market & invest in more & more sectors that will inflate after the coronavirus period has passed. You can also make personal financial decisions about your savings, loans, investments etc. This will help you in analysing your finacial situation & you will be in a better position for future investments.


This is must. Do it in any form. Yoga, basic work out, stretching exercises etc. Make sure you strictly practice the exercise session after you wake up & get fresh. watch videos, tutorials online to create a set of exercises you want to perform & follow it on a dialy basis with proper post exercise meal.

Read Books That Stimulate IQ

Reading is the best exercise you can do to train your brain, gain knowledge & improve communication skills. During the lockdown period many online book websites have also come forward & have shown support by offering some number of books completely free for reading. Though you can read any book from any genre but it is advised that you incline to read the books that are helpful in brain development & boost IQ

Explore/Practice Your Hobbies

Many of us are not yet sure what our hobbies are or we know, but we never actually got the time to explore more about our hobbies. Well, now is the time. Though not every hobby can be performed in the four- wall limitations of your home, but most of the things like, reading, writing, singing, crafting, cooking, painting to even playing video games, are few hobbies that can be practiced with zero limitations.